Beyond the expected.

At EDGE, innovation, craftsmanship and expert installation are the key elements behind everything we do. They also serve as a pedestal for each of our delightful results.

Cabinetry Design

  • All of our work is custom designed to fit the style and needs of each client
  • Clients are invited to collaborate with the EDGE team throughout the entire design journey, including layout, finishes and hardware
  • We work closely with top architects and home builders, from project design through build and installation
Cabinetry Custom - EDGE - Naples Florida
Cabinetry Custom - EDGE - Naples Florida

Space planning

  • Depending on client needs, partial or complete transformation of existing spaces
  • Hand-drawn illustrations, alongside precise CAD plans and elevations, to guide clients throughout the process
  • A user-friendly approach to blend form, beauty and function


  • Any and all cabinetry needs, and we also do closets
  • Seamless integration of new materials into your existing project
  • Close collaboration with your builder during all work
Cabinetry Custom - EDGE - Naples Florida

Complimentary consultation

As part of our commitment to unmatched service, we offer clients initial consultations at no charge